The new generation
digital wagering experience

HKJC has been acknowledged as a world leader in wagering technology. Under the Smart Platform strategy, the Club is moving to the next generation of its digital transformation of wagering experience by implementing a Smart Platform, it has incorporating new innovations and state-of-the-art technologies into products and services to meet customer needs.

7-Step Customer Journey

The digital transformation of the customer journey developed in seven steps, namely Onboarding, Funds Transfer, Experience Booking, Preparing, Betting/Enjoying, Loyalty Engagement and Customer Care. All of these steps can now be taken online.


Your journey begins with the “HKJC Account Opening” online application. "HKJC Account Opening" employs artificial intelligence to verify the applicant’s identity. Customers are no longer required to visit the betting branches for application and are therefore not limited by branch service hours.


Unique customers are using Smart Platform to enjoy their wagering experience

Funds Transfer

Using our fintech solutions, you can instantly transfer funds to your account for a seamless online betting experience. Enrol in the HKJC Faster Payment System (FPS) Instant EFT service via the HKJC mobile apps/website and link your bank account in minutes!

Experience Booking

Online booking of racecourse catering venues has never been easier! Simply select the venue and raceday, then select your exact table/seat. A variety of venues are available to choose from, including those suited to a younger crowd and ones that cater to more seasoned racing fans.


transactions processed via HKJC digital channels in a year

Preparing To Get Ready

Whether you are getting ready to enjoy racing or other forms of betting entertainment, there are multiple online channels to facilitate your preparation. Plus, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to personalise racing data, while gamification offers novel and fun ways to become more engaged.


Unique customers use HKJC TV for infotainment per season

Betting / Enjoying

When it comes to wagering, a variety of digital platforms are offered that meet different customers’ needs. The same is true of the Club’s OTT channel, HKJC TV, through which you can enjoy live streaming of events and so much more.

Loyalty Engagement

Leveraging AI technology, HKJC is able to share targeted information, promotions and events that matter most to you. This saves you precious time and energy and allows you to enjoy what is most important.

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Unique customers use HKJC Customer eCentre to manage their profile and betting account services

Customer Care

The final step in your journey introduces you to the HKJC Customer eCentre where you can view and amend your account profile, as well as access other account service applications. Also check out the "Customer Service Chatbot" which provides you with an avenue for general enquiries at any time of the day or night.